Willy Wonka

When you work with a super talented cake artist (Rachael, owner of Intricate Icings) on her 10 year anniversary party, that had a Willy Wonka theme, you use your “pure imagination” to make something memorable!

The moment this invitation arrived in mailboxes the feedback began. Guests said “they felt like princesses” as they opened them. The top of the box greeted them with the perfect quote: Tremendous things are in store for you! Wonderful surprises await you.

Boxes, hand-lined with embossed purple paper, held a bent, clear acrylic invitation with an additional bent piece of copper-to-black acrylic wrapped around it. On the interior lid of the box, guests found a purple pocket that held the inclusions and mailing envelope for the response card. The copper acrylic piece was designed to slide off the invitation to be kept as a gift and inspiration for the recipient.

We designed and laser-cut into acrylic a dinner menu which the chocolatier used to make a mold to create the white chocolate menu. For the dessert bar, we created a purple laser-cut and engraved acrylic sign. We also engraved the tops of the favor boxes for each guest.

Seen here: Custom-lined box with embossed purple paper. Quote sticker with Intricate Icings brand details. Laser-cut and engraved and hand-bent clear acrylic invitation. Laser-cut and engraved and hand-bent copper-to-black acrylic band. Printed inclusions cards and envelope and pocket printed with white ink. Laser-cut and engraved dessert bar sign. Laser-engraved favor boxes. Chocolate menu created from laser-engraved acrylic blank.