Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is an iconic movie. While it has been duplicated and used for inspiration, the 1939 film, staring Judy Garland, is still the one that we all remember!

We were asked to create the stationery for a Wizard of Oz Designer Showcase. The planner wanted to have an invitation, menu, table number, and escort or place cards. She wanted us to work our magic!

To do that, we took images from the film to help us create an Emerald City invitation wrap. Once we had recreated the shapes of the Emerald City, we engraved the paper to produce a wonderful new shade of green which added to the shading of the city! We used rhinestones as a reflective sparkle on the city.

On the inside of this wrap we created a laser-cut and engraved green acrylic invitation. We attached this invitation to the wrap with green glitter brads rather than tape or glue to preserve the look of the acrylic.

Then we had to imagine what Dorothy’s wedding in Oz would look like. It would probably have a lot of green; it would definitely have a garden feel; and it wouldn’t be complete without a ruby slipper.

The garden gate wrap for the menu included “OZ” on either side of the gate with each guest’s name on the front as a place card. This wrap allowed the menu to stand on the plate like a tower or gate to Emerald City.

For the table identifier, we created an red glitter acrylic slipper.

Seen here: Laser-cut menu wrap and place card. Digitally printed white ink menu and place card. Laser-cut ruby slipper on stand. Laser-cut and engraved paper invitation wrap with rhinestones. Laser-cut and engraved green acrylic invitation.

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