New Year’s Eve Wedding

When I first met Tamra, she knew that she wanted a monogram with a wreath, and that this monogram would need to be on everything. The monogram would be the stamp of the union she and Dustin were about to make. We found the perfect “W” and created a wreath that could be printed and laser-cut, and even copied by the cake artist.

Her planner also wanted to have a sleeve for the program and a separate piece with a reading for the ceremony. We loved this idea and decided to fancy it up a bit. The program was a two-sided printed piece that slid into a metallic card stock sleeve that we created for this event. The front of the sleeve had a peek-a-boo notch through which you could see the monogram on the program. The back of the sleeve had a laser-cut backband, with the monogram in it, to hold the separate reading piece.

We used the monogram on every piece that we printed! The program, the reading, the large sign that we made for their reception speakeasy, and on all of the reserved seat signs, additional readings and ceremony booklet.

What would a New Year’s Eve wedding be without the singing of Auld Lang Syne? The couple wanted to present their guests with the lyrics so we printed them on long paper strips, two sided, and attached them to wooden bobbins, tied with a black satin ribbon.

The last touch that was added was a giant, glittered 2018. This piece we cut from foam and hand applied glitter to all but the back, to ensure that it could be hung on the wall. Each number was 2 feet tall and when it was all put together is was a spectacularly glittery 4 feet wide. It was a great backdrop for those first selfies of 2018!

Seen here: Digitally printed program suite, reserved signs, readings, House of W sign, song. Laser-cut program sleeve with backband. CNC cut numbers with hand applied glitter.