Unique, memorable decor as special as you.


A menu blooms for this wedding planner luncheon.

Lock and Key

Lock, key, and a coat of arms captures the heart of this LGBTQ+ wedding.

Custom Gift Box

A unique gift designed to show clients your appreciation.

Floral Summer Wedding

Golden R’s and garden flowers invited guests to this Michigan wedding.

New Year’s Eve Wedding

A monogram with laser-cut elements honor this New Year’s Eve Wedding.

Wizard of Oz

The Emerald City and Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers define this Over-The-Rainbow showcase.

Spa Luncheon

Green acrylic place cards glowed on leaf shaped menus.

Prairie Wedding

Natural elements and the couple’s love of dogs are featured in this Colorado wedding.

Dutch Tulip

The simple beauty of a single tulip compliments this brunch wedding in Banff.


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