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Save The Date

Getting engaged is a thrilling event! It marks the beginning of a new adventure for you as a couple! It also begins the process of planning your wedding and picking your date! Saving your date will be something that will become a top of mind subject very quickly. You will want to be sure that…

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Choosing Stationery With Your Wedding Planner

The most important day of your life comes together when you have the ability to create memories using all of the details and personal touches that your heart desires. Your wedding is a personal expression of your love, and a basic invitation or a scribbled name on an escort card could detract from that meaningful expression.…

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Paper Isn’t Your Only Option

Acrylic Invitation

We’ve all seen wedding invitations before; a couple sheets of paper, some printing, maybe a pocket fold, and an envelope. While many of these are beautiful, and offer a myriad of choices for customization, sometimes the ideas you have for your wedding theme require something completely different. Don’t you want to really make an impression,…

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Why A Wedding Planner Is Important

Imagine if a broadway play did not have a director? The actors would wander about the stage without knowing exactly where to go. Imagine if a movie did not have a cinematographer. The lighting would be off; night too dark, day to bright. What if your favorite sports team did not have a coach? You…

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The Wizarding World of Simon’s Bar Mitzvah

When a young man or young woman comes of age (13 or 12 respectively) in the Jewish community they become Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah respectively. The child is tasked, by Jewish law, to be responsible for their own actions. The tradition of celebrating this coming of age has grown over the years into a…

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Timing – When To Mail What For Your Wedding

When to send what for your wedding.

You have finally settled on a date and location for your wedding. Now it’s time to let everyone know! Communicating your wedding plans; the ceremony date, place and time, to all of your guest can feel like a daunting task. When should you send your save the date cards? What is the right amount of…

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Stationery is Eco-Fabulous

Today more and more couples are trying to reduce the ecological footprint of their wedding. You may use recycled materials and papers, ensure that your flowers are composted and even strive for using local farms for your food. Every step that is taken by eco-conscious brides and grooms does make a difference in how their…

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Do Me A (Wedding) Favor

Seed Box Wedding Favor

More and more couples are finding ways to incorporate wedding favors that won’t become trash in the near future. Seeds that can be planted, ribbon wands that can be used for other celebrations, frames that can be displayed, ornaments for Christmas trees. There are so many options, the sky’s the limit. If you were to…

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How Much Does Wedding Stationery Cost?

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Invitation by Platypus Papers - Photo Credit Frances Photography

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it’s time to start planning and looking for that perfect wedding stationery. When you start looking into wedding stationery, a big factor can often be price. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to predict how much stationery will cost for any given wedding, because so much of every wedding is unique. Fortunately, the…

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An Alice in Wonderland Wedding

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Decor Flower

The revival of Alice and Wonderland by Tim Burton in his 2010 film has opened up the wedding industry to the myriad of possibilities that can become be a part of an Alice in Wonderland wedding. Across the internet you can find almost every conceivable aspect of Wonderland. Naturally, this appeals to us here because…

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