When a young man or young woman comes of age (13 or 12 respectively) in the Jewish community they become Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah respectively. The child is tasked, by Jewish law, to be responsible for their own actions. The tradition of celebrating this coming of age has grown over the years into a complete celebration of that son or daughter.

Platypus Papers Custom Daily ProphetSimon, who absolutely loves the wizarding world of Harry Potter asked his family, and Courtney Hammons, the head magician at A Magical Affair in Tennessee, to create a party that would celebrate his love for all things Harry Potter. And since we know it’s always best to do what Simon says, Courtney not only agreed, she reached out to us at Platypus Papers to create a special version of the famed Daily Prophet newspaper for Simon’s Bar Mitzvah celebration.

We asked for a photo of the magician himself for our headline image (which we magically transformed) and then used the back story of Harry Potter to write articles about Simon’s adventures with the Quidditch team, Muggle mishaps and even an advertisement for the magical candy store, Honeydukes.

Platypus Papers Custom Daily Prophet reverseThe back side of the paper is where we added the magical menu with a selection of dishes referencing famous parts of the Harry Potter adventure. Selections included “Goblet of Fire” Roasted Shrimp and “He Who Shall Not Be Named” Sheppard’s Pie. Not one friend among Simon’s wizarding pals was to go hungry during his big celebration!

Most importantly, under the front page headline (and the picture of Simon in his full Wizarding School formal uniform), read the caption: “Simon is now an adult in the Jewish community and is responsible for his own actions. What will he do first?”

Simon is growing up, and that is the most magical part of all. We were thrilled to be a part of his special celebration and we look forward to hearing about his next adventures!

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Thank you to:

Courtney Hammons – A Magical Affair
For the fabulous party!

Scoobie Schneider – Scoobie’s Photographic Images
For the great stationery action shots!

Simon and his family for letting us join in your celebration!