Imagine if a broadway play did not have a director? The actors would wander about the stage without knowing exactly where to go.

Imagine if a movie did not have a cinematographer. The lighting would be off; night too dark, day to bright.

What if your favorite sports team did not have a coach? You get the picture.

Yay PennantYour wedding is really a big production that requires a lot of coordination. You and your groom (or bride) are both the producers and the stars. You know what you want to do and you know you will be in the play, but you could use someone to execute the plans, to be the director. Many couples find out very quickly that there are a lot of moving parts that need to be nailed down in order to pull a wedding together.

A wedding planner does just that.

Most of us hope to only be married once. Which means that most of us have no idea what a wedding really entails. You will most likely spend hours online scouring the web for ideas, images, locations, stationers and the myriad of additional vendors that you will need. You will also probably end up spending more than you wanted to on one or more items because you change your mind, don’t know the market rate, or just throw up your hands and sign on the line because there is just too much to do.

InvitationEnter the wedding planner. This is someone who knows what all the possible parts are, and how they should fit together. They know the venues (locations), florists, dress shops, stationers, caterers, bakers, photographers, car companies, décor and lighting folks, tent folks, linen companies, specialty companies, and more. They also know what a good price is for all of these many pieces. And they know the timing that needs to be followed in order to have your dress in on time, your save the date cards and invitations out on time, and even how much time you’ll need on your wedding day for hair, makeup, photos, etc. The wedding planner is a walking encyclopedia of all things wedding.

Mad Hatter Cake

Mad Hatter Cake

But you want your wedding to be your wedding. That is one more reason to hire a planner! They can help you narrow down the many ideas you have for each and every piece and part of your wedding. They know which vendors can do the really interesting bouquet that you want, or which stationer works with non-traditional materials. They also know what direction to point you in for your own DIY (do it yourself) projects. They even allow you the opportunity to work on the parts you want to work on while all the rest is taken care of behind the scenes.

Groomsmen From Alice In Wonderland WeddingAdditionally, your wedding planner can help you with your budgeting. Yes, there are probably about a million spreadsheets out there on the internet that will tell you what percentage of your budget you should put towards each piece of your wedding. What they don’t tell you is that you really need to figure out what is most important to you first and work down from there. Some couples want the greatest cake you have ever tasted, others want the most amazing photographer, or maybe the fanciest meal, or over the top invitations. Each couple is different. What you want, what you’ve dreamed of, is possible; and it’s a lot easier to get with a planner. They will save you more time than you can imagine.

Bride with parents going down the aisleThere are a number of wedding planners out there, and once you find your perfect wedding planner, you can rest assured that your wedding will be fabulous! Your guests will get to be guests, you and your new spouse will get to enjoy the entire wedding without having to deal with any hiccups that may arise, and your parents can rest assured that their children have been well taken care of.

Congratulations on your engagement! We, at Platypus Papers, wish you all the very best in the journey to your wedding and beyond!

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