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Create the feeling of your fall wedding using your save the date. By Platypus Papers

Getting engaged is a thrilling event! It marks the beginning of a new adventure for you as a couple! It also begins the process of planning your wedding and picking your date!

Saving your date will be something that will become a top of mind subject very quickly. You will want to be sure that your family and friends will be able to reserve time off from their jobs, and will be able to save up some extra funds to join you for your special day. This little piece of stationery can create great excitement for your wedding!

How can you make sure that your wedding is THE DATE to save? Let us give you a little insight here.

1. Make an impression. Your day is going to be amazing. You know that. But you need to let other people know that. Rather than just sending out a postcard or magnet that is cute, or pretty good, take a little time to make a first impression plan that starts with your save the date. Think through the introduction you would like for your wedding. You will start with this idea and carry it throughout your wedding stationery. Perhaps you are planning an outdoor garden wedding. A beautiful floral motif that begins with your save the date can start creating that feel for your guests. Remember the golden rule; “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

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Set the stage and make an impression with a laser cut and etched save the date. By Platypus Papers.

2. Get the facts straight. It is really important that your save the date includes the important facts. These facts are;

A. Who you two are. Your first names must be there, but your last names may be a good idea to include too. Especially if you are inviting people that may not know you as well as they know your parents. It reminds them of how they know you.

B. What your date is. Now this may seem obvious, but you need to have your month, day and year on your card. Because couples often send out their save the date cards a year or more in advance you will span two years. And it is even possible that your month/day combo is in each of those years. Setting the right time expectation allows your guests the ability to be with you on your wedding day.

C. Where your wedding will be. When you are sending out your save the date you already have your location picked out. Your guests will need to know where this is so that they will know if they are going to need to travel. This will help them plan accordingly. You will want to have the city and state or city and country of your upcoming event on your card. You don’t need any more than that on your save the date. The details come with the invitations.

D. What happens next. The next step in the wedding stationery process is the invitation. It is really important that you let your guests know that they should be expecting a formal invitation. The invitation is where your guests get a more complete view of your upcoming wedding and the opportunity to let you know if they will be attending. So be sure to add “formal invitation to follow” or “invitation to follow” or your take on “there will be an invitation in your mailbox in the future”.

3. Addressing your guests. This is a very important step. Get your mailing addresses together! You’re going to need the correct addresses for all of your save the date cards and invitations. And what goes along with that is the correct spelling of your guests names and addresses. Getting these correct, and all on one place, at the beginning of your invitation process will make all further inviting much easier!

4. Don’t over do. Now that you have started to get your save the date pulled together you may want to add more and more to it. Don’t over do the information that you include. This is a snap shot of what’s to come. It is not where you have to have every last piece of information. However, there is one additional piece that you can add. That would be your wedding website if you have chosen to have one. Your wedding website is one more place where you can start to build the excitement for your guests.

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Laser cut and etched wood introduces the story of your love and wedding theme. By Platypus Papers.

5. Electronic Hang Ups. There are many electronic invitation options out there for inviting people to events. In fact, there are some very lovely options. We just don’t recommend them for a wedding. We have met a few couples who chose to use electronic save the date invitations and had some unfortunate results. Some couples found that their guest list suddenly included people they had no intention of inviting, due to enthusiastic forwarding by other guests. Many found that there were guests, that they really were hoping would attend, who never saw the email due to spam and junk filters and no longer had the time available to attend. We just don’t want you to suffer any of the pitfalls that can happen with electronic inviting.

Now that you’ve made it through these steps you are ready to create and send out your save the date! And we promise that your guests are going to want to be sure that they have saved YOUR date! We are so excited for you. We hope that your engagement is full of love and partnership and that all of your wedding planning goes smoothly!

Stationery love from Laney and Joel at Platypus Papers.