Today more and more couples are trying to reduce the ecological footprint of their wedding. You may use recycled materials and papers, ensure that your flowers are composted and even strive for using local farms for your food. Every step that is taken by eco-conscious brides and grooms does make a difference in how their wedding affects the world around them. The only complaint that couples seem to have is that eco-friendly is often too bland. We want you to know that it’s possible to have eco-friendly wedding stationery that is eco-fabulous!

We were very fortunate to work with a couple who wanted to be more eco-conscious with their wedding but also wanted to have an elegant wedding stationery suite. When they began their search they were finding that most recycled paper invitations were not very elegant and they just couldn’t find something that fit their aesthetic.

Anna and David (our bride and groom) turned to Heather Pile, the planning phenom at Inspired Grace Weddings in Arkansas. They put their heads together and talked about the possibilities for an elegant eco-friendly wedding. Heather called us!

Living in Colorado (CO) we find we are often working with materials that are more eco-friendly. We also pay attention to those possibilities with respect to the different wedding stationery and decor that we create for our various clients. We worked with Heather to come up with the perfect wedding stationery for Anna and David.

100% recycled cotton, environmentally friendly dyed and embossed paper made into an invitation wrap.

100% recycled cotton, environmentally friendly dyed and embossed paper made into an invitation wrap.

We began with some fabulous 100% recycled cotton paper that is colored with earth friendly dyes and is embossed. This marvelous paper is something that we have imported from India. Anna wanted to be sure that we hadn’t flown it all to CO on it’s own. We assured her that it came over on the slow boat (quite literally) and was an addition to another palate already headed to the US. Since it was a recycled material, with a low carbon footprint, and it matched her dress, it was a go. We hand made this paper into wraps for their wedding invitation and added slits on either side so that a sheer navy blue ribbon could be added and used to close the invitation.

Wedding invitation printed on 100% recycled cotton paper, environmentally friendly dyed pearl paper.

Wedding invitation printed on 100% recycled cotton paper, environmentally friendly dyed pearl paper.

Now to sort out the wedding invitation. When using a unique paper wrap, the invitation has to be equally memorable. We decided to turn to another paper from that same company that is a flat, 100% recycled cotton, single sided pearl metallic dyed (again, environmentally friendly dye) paper. This paper is a lot of fun to print on because of the way it takes the ink from the ink jet. It gives it a very ethereal quality and adds to the mystique of the wedding. So in a beautiful blue ink, on this great paper, the invitation came to life.

Seeded paper response card and hand written response envelope.

Seeded paper response card and hand written response envelope.

Anna and David were in love with their wedding invitation! They wanted to be sure that the inclusions would be equally as fabulous and Heather, the planner extraordinaire, wanted to be sure that the addressing on the envelopes would be the perfect introduction to this invitation. In comes Jennifer Gillespie, owner of Calligraphy by Jennifer, who hand addressed the envelopes. These gorgeous metallic blue envelopes had the addresses in beautiful calligraphy written in white ink. Yes, the perfect introduction! The response card envelopes were done in the same fashion, a smaller envelope but with that same, amazing calligraphy.

The response card was a little more involved. We wanted to have a paper that was a little heavier than the cottons we had already used. We talked with Anna and Heather and told them about a little company in Boulder, CO that makes amazing seeded paper that prints really well. They were in love, and Heather also mentioned that all of these response cards, with words of love and each guests handwriting, would be collected for Anna and David to start a garden as newlyweds. What a wonderful way to start a life together.

Accommodation  card, white ink on metallic blue.

Accommodation card, white ink on metallic blue.

Lastly, we had an inclusion card. This was to let guests know about the accommodations that Anna and David had reserved as well as their website, where guests could access additional information about the couple and the wedding. We decided to go with the metallic blue paper that the envelopes were made from and we printed in white ink. This piece was not as eco-friendly so we decided to make it very small so that less paper and ink was used overall.

Full Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation Suite.

Full Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation Suite.

As a whole, this is one of the most elegant eco-friendly wedding invitations we have ever seen or done! We have Anna, David and Heather to thank for letting us work our magic with them and for sharing their aesthetic with us. Anna and David also had us make wedding programs out of the seeded paper so that their guests could take some of it home with them to plant – it turned out wonderfully and we love knowing that Anna and David’s guests will have a little piece of the wedding in their lives forever.

We want to work with you on your dream invitation! Share your ideas with us.


A big thank you to these wonderful folks:

Stationery Design and Creation – Platypus Papers, LLC

Wedding Planning and Design – Inspired Grace Weddings

Photography – Melanie Merkling Photography

Calligraphy – Calligraphy by Jennifer

And our wonderful bride and groom – Anna and David!