Canadian Weekend Wedding Invitation by Platypus Papers

Canadian Weekend Wedding Invitation by Platypus Papers

The most important day of your life comes together when you have the ability to create memories using all of the details and personal touches that your heart desires. Your wedding is a personal expression of your love, and a basic invitation or a scribbled name on an escort card could detract from that meaningful expression. A great way to ensure that the uniqueness of your event is conveyed, from the moment your guests receive their invitations, to the big day when your friends and family members find their seats in your beautiful reception, is to work with your wedding planner to choose your stationery. Choosing the right stationery will help you set the stage. It will convey the formality (or informality) of the event, your theme if you have one, and all of the information that your guests will need to attend your special day!

Here are a few tips that you and your wedding planner can use to help choose your stationery:

  1. Atmosphere – This is that feeling that you want to convey through your stationery, décor, location, food, drinks, music, time of year, and even what you wear. You may want your wedding to feel familiar, like a big party you would have at your home. Or, you may want it to feel a little more formal, like a special evening that you have been saving up for. Think about what you would want your family and friends to feel when they receive your invitation, walk into your ceremony and enter your reception. Use these feeling to help create your one of a kind wedding stationery.
  2. Wedding Reception Menu by Platypus Papers

    Wedding Reception Menu by Platypus Papers

    Theme/Style –  Now that you know how you want your wedding to feel, you can work on your theme and style. You and your wedding planner can work together to determine if there is a theme, style and/or visuals that will create this feeling. Your wedding planner can use her/his expertise to help you find and work on the details that will tie every piece of your wedding together. Everything from the invitations you send out, to the special menus at the table, can display your unique style and create the atmosphere for your special day.

  3. Dahlia as inspiration.

    Dahlia as inspiration.

    Color – Choosing your colors can become a daunting task with so many to choose from. Having a clear idea of the atmosphere and style of your wedding will help narrow down your choices. Your wedding planner can help you with color choices by pulling together samples and swatches for you to compare. Most weddings have at least 2 colors – many have 3, 4 and even 5. Your colors first show up in your stationery, the introduction to your event. However they are also seen in linens, flowers, décor, dresses, shoes, cake, and even lighting. Keep in mind that your stationery language is often printed in a darker color, that may not be on your color list. Your planner and/or stationer can help you choose the best ink color(s) for your stationery.

  4. Laser Etched Acrylic Invitation and Custom Box

    Laser Etched Acrylic Invitation and Custom Box

    Pricing – Everything adds up when creating stationery for your wedding day. Working with a wedding planner is very helpful when it comes to staying on budget. She/he has had experience with the myriad of stationery companies and knows what pieces you must have, and may need, for your stationery. Your planner’s expertise will also help you understand the different papers or other materials (there are lots of options) that you can use for your invitations as well as the different inks and printing processes. Each of these items can increase or decrease the cost per invitation. Having someone to guide you through the choices will make your search, and budgeting, much easier.

  5. Proofreading – Having an extra pair of eyes on your stationery proof(s) will help avoid any embarrassing spelling errors or missing information which, if not caught, will mean costly changes or reprints.
  6. Timing – Depending on how detailed, and how custom you make your invitations, it can take months to get them designed, printed, assembled, addressed and mailed. Make a detailed timeline with your wedding planner and start your stationery as soon as you can. That way you will have enough time to get the perfect stationery for your wedding.
Canadian Weekend Wedding Suite by Platypus Papers

Canadian Weekend Wedding Suite by Platypus Papers

We hope that these steps will help you and your wedding planner have a great collaboration as you create your original wedding stationery. We would love to work with you and your wedding planner to help bring your wedding atmosphere, style and color to life!