Special Materials

Acrylic Invitation Suite

An invitation suite made of laser-etched clear acrylic with a crest-shaped Save The Date card

Long ago, only the aristocracy sent invitations to their guests, using the finest papers available.

Today, everyone has their own style. Maybe your style isn’t just paper and ribbon.

Are you drawn to metal, silk, wood, plastic, blinking LED’s, gingerbread (yes, gingerbread)?

We want to know what speaks to you. How did you meet, where are you now, and where do you want to go? We use an expanded material set to represent you and your connection. We can determine whether you look better in wood, acrylic, steel, aluminum, silk, paper, or nearly anything else! With all of these possibilities you can create your own royal style.

Platypus Papers takes the time to bring your style to life.

We can use our special materials in most of our products, including our invitations and table numbers.

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