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You have a life full of special events and occasions. From births and birthdays to weddings and anniversaries each one becomes a piece of who you are. We create stationery that will be a part of the picture that is remembered for each of these moments.

Your moment:

High School graduation; now it’s time for the announcement of your accomplishment to be sent to all of your family members.

You both said “Yes” to a lifelong commitment together; now it’s time to invite your friends and family¬†to the celebration of your love.

Your holiday party; now you need to decorate with seasonal menus, signs and fancy name tags.

Platypus Papers would like to be a part of each and every moment. Together we make these occasions even more memorable through our extraordinary work with paper.

Whether you walk through the gardens of wonderland to be married, fly over Hogworts to celebrate becoming bar mitzvah, or simply have an elegant gathering at home, we can help make your event a lasting memory.

Our clients have asked us to share their memories with you. Take a moment to look at the work we have done for their weddings and lives. We hope you will let Platypus Papers become a part of your life’s moments!

Examples of our Wedding Stationery Work

  • Custom Monogram Stationery by Platypus Papers
  • Table Name Program Wedding Menu by Platypus Papers
  • Flower Girl with
  • When to send what for your wedding.
  • Tulip Wedding Menu by Platypus Papers - Photo Credit Julie Williams Photography

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